Huggies May Or May Not Have Photoshopped A Thigh Gap On A Baby

It’s lame enough that people are Photoshopping gorgeous models, but are we really altering photos so babies look skinnier too?
People are speculating after a mother from California posted the photo to Reddit under the title “Is it just me or did this huggies ad [Photoshop] thigh gap on a toddler?”

huggies photoshop fail


It does look suspicious.

Of course, Huggies denied claims the child was Photoshopped in the photo. Spokesperson Terry Balluck told Daily Mail:

“All babies are different — we look to celebrate those differences and everyday tests and messes in our photography and communication.”

While some people were disgusted by the Photoshop claims, other Redditors offered other possible explanations. Maybe the baby really does have skinny legs, or perhaps the diaper was what was edited in the picture, making the baby legs look slightly distorted.
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