WATCH: Police Pull Man Over For His Tattoos Then Threaten Him With Taser When He Won't Hand Over Phone

An Australian couple has uploaded footage from a recent interaction with two Queensland cops. The video, which the cops knew was being shot from a phone, shows the couple was pulled over and asked to step out of the car. One of the police explain that they were pulled over not because of a traffic violation, but because the man had bikie, or motorcycle, gang-related tattoos on his neck.
After asking for the man’s license, the officer tells him to hand over his phone, but he refuses. The camera loses sight on the action, but when it pans back up, the other officer has pulled out her taser. The video then ends.
The video’s description claims the police later deleted the footage on the woman’s phone. She was able to recover the footage as her phone saves deleted media.
“The female officer in charge says to me ‘we will make a deal with you. You delete that footage or else we will confiscate yours and your girlfriends phone for 28 days.’ So I unlocked my phone and the female officer in charge deleted the footage!”
Although Queensland Police have the right to search people if they believe they are bikie-gang affiliated, this interaction seems wrong on the part of the police. Inspector Shane Holmes told the Courier Mail there was an ongoing investigation into the matter.
“He wasn’t just a random Victorian tourist,” he said. “He and his girlfriend were intercepted by two slightly built female officers who know from experience that bikies carry weapons. When this gentleman unexpectedly reached into the car, the officers immediately feared for their safety and drew the taser as a precaution.”
Unexpectedly reached into the car? She had just asked him for his license. And it’s clear they knew they were wrong when they felt the need to delete the footage.
Sorry, but these cops were definitely in the wrong this time.

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