Tom Flynn Loses 'Jeopardy!' But Wins Hearts Across America With Sexy Looks & Sassy Answer

World, meet Tom Flynn. This bartender’s time as a contestant on Jeopardy! was short lived, but he will not soon be forgotten. Seriously – it may be a while before the brainy game show has some eye candy like this again, and viewers must have known because plenty of them were shamelessly taking photos of their TV screens.
Jeopardy Tom caused a stir on Twitter during the airing of his episode last night for his daunting good looks and his clueless Final Jeopardy answer. We weren’t sure if he was actually trying to win or auditioning for the next installment of Magic Mike…or maybe the new Zoolander movie with those facial expressions. He’s certainly giving Ben Stiller a run for his money.
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He’s risky. I like it.
Check out some of the best tweets about Tom Flynn, bartender/heartthrob, below.

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