Ben Fields Is Fired After Review of High School Student's Arrest

At noon today, Ben Fields, the deputy who was video taped throwing a high school girl to the ground, has been placed on unpaid leave following a review of the high school student’s arrest. The investigation focused on whether Fields followed departmental procedures and guidelines.
On Tuesday, the sheriff, Leon Lott, requested that an independent federal investigation to be conducted following the incident making headlines. The United States Justice Department is opening a civil rights investigation.
Lott stated that he was not analyzing the student’s behavior, but rather the response of his officer, Ben Fields. He has doubts that race played a role in the brutish behavior of his deputy because Fields “[had] been dating an African-American woman for ‘quite some time’,” according to AP.
Stephen Gilchrist of the school district’s Black Parents Association stated that his son said to him, “Dad, no white child would have been removed from Spring Valley like that.”
His son is absolutely correct. Who cares that Fields dated an African-American woman for “quite some time?” Fields absolutely would not have thrown a white girl to the floor like that.
This isn’t the first time Ben Fields has come under fire for his on-the-job conduct. He has had three lawsuits filed against him as a deputy. One lawsuit involved an excessive-force allegation before he worked in schools; the federal jury ruled in his favor. The other case was dismissed. The third lawsuit, which is currently ongoing, alleges that Fields wrongly pushed for a Richland 2 student’s expulsion.
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