WATCH: Justin Bieber Walked Out Of A Totally Awkward Interview

Justin Bieber‘s new album Purpose comes out in just a few weeks, so Biebs is keeping busy with promotional appearances. At one such occasion at Spanish radio station 40 Principales, things got so awkward that the singer had to get up and leave the interview.

You can watch the entire encounter here, but he walks out around the 8:10 mark when the interviewers tell Justin they want to “break the Internet” with him. Biebs is totally down to get a viral video, but it’s probably not what they had in mind.

To be fair, he did last longer than Cara Delevingne.

Seriously though, who can blame Justin for leaving?

First off, the announcers were all serious while talking to him yet were joking around when speaking in Spanish. JB had no clue what they were saying. It probably feels like he’s being made fun of or just completely ignored.

Secondly, the questions are so dumb. In case you didn’t make it through the whole video, sample questions included what he’s sorry for, if he goes out partying, and if a woman dresses him.

They don’t even know his age – how can they expect him to sit through a series of lame questions?

Totally got your back on this on, Biebs.

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