People Are Not Thrilled About Ohio University Guys Singing Explicit Song Outside Sorority House

Maybe the kids at Ohio University need to join the a cappella group if they want to serenade girls.

A group of males from the college are under fire after they were recorded singing an explicit song outside the Alpha Delta Pi sorority house.

In the song set to the tune of The Beatles’ “Hey Jude,” the guys seem to sing, “Send nudes, don’t let me down. Take my soft dick and make it harder.”


The seven-second video, taken by The Post copy chief Olivia Hitchcock late Wednesday night, was shot just outside the sorority house on South Court Street near OU’s Baker Center.

"Send nudes, don't let me down. Take my soft dick and make it harder." – fraternity brothers singing to sorority

— Olivia Hitchcock (@ohitchcock) October 29, 2015

People are saying the song promotes rape culture, although the sorority girls don’t seem to be offended by the lyric swap.

Alpha Delta Pi not commenting on the video. Says it was taken out of context.

— Olivia Hitchcock (@ohitchcock) October 29, 2015

What do you think? Is this a harmless joke or totally offensive?

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