Ellen DeGeneres Debuts Her Kardashian Halloween Costume

Quite frankly, I d not understand Ellen DeGeneres’ fascination with prosthetic butts. I guess once you hit a certain level of fame in Hollywood, I suppose celebrities think that they get a free pass on everything they do (if her previous sketch that mocked Nicki Minaj’s rear using a young girl was any indication). I come bearing bad news for DeGeneres and all other Hollywood stars who believe themselves entitled to such flagrant displays of disrespect: news flash! You don’t get a free pass!

On her show, DeGeneres appeared in running shoes, a long, black wig and a zebra-print top cut down to her waist. She stated that she was the unfortunate Kardashian sister who was cut from the family’s reality television show. She said, “My name is Karla Kardashian–with a K, ’cause we’re known for our double Ks,” and then proceeded to point at her gigantic fake breasts. She continued and joked that “these are double Ks, too, by the way.” DeGeneres then went on to wiggle her heavily augmented behind and joked that she had signed an endorsement deal with Funyuns. You can view her entire costume below.

ellen degeneres halloween costume

via Michael Rozman.

Given that DeGeneres and her show came under fire for their problematic Nicki Minaj skit, you think that they would have learned. Criticizing someone’s appearance, famous or not, is not okay, period.

You can watch the segment below via Ellen DeGeneres’ website.

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