Miley Cyrus: Top 15 Best Style & Fashion Moments

Remember that one time Miley Cyrus hosted the VMAs and wore those ridiculous outfits? Well, by now it’s safe to say we’re no longer surprised by anything she wears (or doesn’t wear).

Some people think she was completely berserk for chopping off her luscious locks and becoming a twerk icon, but what can we say? She’s just being Miley. Did everyone forget about that amazing voice she has? Just admit it, you know you cried a river of tears the first, second, and third time you listened to Wrecking Ball. Don’t get us wrong, Miley does wear some pretty risqué outfits, but let’s not forget about the outfits that she’s absolutely stunned in. Love or hate her, Miley has made it obvious that she’s got some undeniably good style. Don’t believe us?

Here are 15 of Miley Cyrus’ most fashionable moments post-haircut. *Insert tongue sticking out emoji.*

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