15 Dogs That Explain Our Mid-Semester Emotions

By the middle of the semester, the novelty of being back at school has worn off. In fact, suddenly you’re remembering all the things that you actually hate (link) about being back at your respective college or university. Luckily for you, it is the middle of the semester, meaning that you’re on the home stretch. It’s only a matter of time before you’ll be packed like a sardine in the back of your parents’ car driving back home.

And by driving home, I mean stuck in traffic for the next three hours or so.

In short, not only are you saddened by the constant paper and busy-work assignment handed out by your professor, but you’re also excited for going out on the weekends with your best friends. You’re excited for school events, but the thought of your bed at home makes you homesick. You’re a walking book of perpetual emotional confusion. When Mom calls you up, asking how you are, you’re not really sure how you feel. Perhaps indifferent, but that’s not quite the word you’re looking for or the sensation you’re experiencing.

Yeah, emotions are confusing. But you know what aren’t confusing? Dogs. Dogs are straightforward and explanatory. As you trudge through your mid-semester blues, these dogs are here to help you explain to friends, family and professors alike how you’re feeling on a given day. Email them to your parents; attach them to your papers and tests for your professors. Go crazy.

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