Model Blows Her Student Loan Money On Plastic Surgery & Says It Was A Better Investment

If you applied for a loan and were open about your intentions to spend that money on a boob job, Botox, and collagen injections, you probably would get a big, fat “denied.” That’s probably why Catherine Byrne applied for a £4,000 maintenance grant and £3,000 for tuition after just two weeks of psychology classes at the University of East London. She received the loan, but then used the money to pay for plastic surgery. Oy. “As soon as the money hit my account I booked in to have a breast enlargement in London and I quit my course,” Byrne said. She got the idea from a friend attending college who told her about how much money she got from her loan. After the first £7,000 was gone, she signed up for another psychology course (which she probably could use), but blew another £7,000 loan on cosmetic surgery. Any regrets? Of course not. Catherine says spending the money on books would be silly. “My boob job has done more for my career than any degree could.” With interest added in, Byrne now has £17,500 to pay back…which she’s avoiding at all costs. The working model does all she can to avoid making over £17,335 a year so that she doesn’t have to pay back those loans. She pretty much expects that she will never earn enough to pay it back. Stay in school, kids.