A Theme Park Based On ‘The Hunger Games’ Is Coming To America

We all have a friend (or two) obsessed with Disney. She dresses as a Disney princess every Halloween, can quote every line in Frozen, and will probably have her honeymoon at Disney World. Well, move over Mickey, because Katniss Everdeen is about to shake things up. In fact, a theme park based on The Hunger Games in Dubai has already been announced for next year.

Now we’re getting more details on the park. You’ll walk right into Katniss’s District 12, with Peeta’s family bakery and the Hob still intact. There will be a roller coaster that looks like a Capitol train, and a simulator ride that takes you through Panem.

New York Times

Can’t afford park admission and an international plane ticket? Don’t worry. Panem is coming to Atlanta, Georgia.

According to the New York Times, Lionsgate is all about turning their movie franchises into something more, and they’re thinking roller coasters and rides a la Harry Potter at Universal Studios in Orlando. In addition to The Hunger Games, there will be shows, rides, and attractions based on Step Up, Divergent, and Twilight. It’s set to open in 2019, so you’ll have plenty of time to save up.

As long as there are no shows featuring kids battling to the death, we’re in! But seriously – when they ask for volunteers, don’t raise your hand. This ain’t no magic show.

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