J.K. Rowling, Harry Potter Author, Confirms She's Writing Another Children's Book

If there is anything that the world desperately needed right now, it’s another book by the literary great, J.K. Rowling. Most famous for writing the critically acclaimed Harry Potter’s series, Rowling has announced today that she will be penning another children’s book. She has not confirmed as to whether it would be a follow-up to the Harry Potter saga.
However, most importantly, Rowling never said that she was against continuing the Harry Potter story, so there is still hope for us Potterheads.
Rowling said that she would “definitely write more novels as J.K. Rowling” rather than writing under her pseudonym, Robert Galbraith. As Galbraith, Rowling has written three adult novels. She continued, stating that she did not want to provide a date for her new book because her schedule is “busy enough.” However, she did comment that “[she has] so many ideas in [her] head.”
Well, now she’s just teasing us. She’s got plenty of novel ideas, but doesn’t want to provide us with a date of release. This is pure torture, Rowling. Torture.
She concluded, saying, “I have an idea for a children’s book – actually I’ve written half a children’s book that I really love, so I’m definitely going to finish that. So there will be another children’s book, and I have ideas for other adult books. I sometimes worry that I’ll die before I’ve written them all out. That’s my mid-life crisis.”
I’m worried that I’m going to die without reading everything by Rowling at this rate. Even though I’m 20-years-old, you can bet your sweet *ss I’ll be first on line to purchase Rowling’s new children’s book. Unfortunately, here comes the hard part for us die-hard Rowling fanatics: we now have to wait indefinitely for this new book. We’re all in this together, guys.
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