17 Passive Aggressive Roommate Notes That Are Equally Hilarious & Frightening

Anyone who has ever had a roommate knows the feeling. If you see one more disgusting dirty dish left in the sink, notice the temperature changed whenever you leave the room, or have to replace the toilet paper one more time, you are going to absolutely lose it.
The logical thing to do is politely ask your roommate to end her diabolical behaviors, obviously. However, this rarely ever happens. Whether your roommate was a rando you got stuck with freshman year or a longtime friend, you just can’t bring yourself to say the words “You need to do the dishes” to her face.

Instead, Post-it notes with friendly little reminders appear in the fridge, bathroom, kitchen, and every other common area. Ah, the passive aggressive roommate note. We’ve all done them or at least seen them, and been equally as annoyed by the Post-it as the problem at hand.
Let these passive aggressive notes be inspiration for us all to make enough money to live on our own someday.

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