When A Zac Efron Look-Alike Commited Suicide, His Friends Write The Star A Heartbreaking Letter

Following the suicide death of Rhys McNaughton, the 24 year old’s friends are trying to make something positive come out of this tragic event. In order to raise awareness of men’s suicide and mental health, McNaughton’s friends have reached out to Zac Efron, who shared so much of a resemblance to McNaughton that he was given the nickname “Zeffa,” for help.

Elite Daily

McNaughton’s friend James Healey decided reaching out to the A-lister to help raise funds through the Movember Foundation couldn’t hurt, so he wrote a heartbreaking letter about Zeffa’s life. He wrote,

“Zac, I am reaching out to you because just last week Rhys took his own life. An absolute shock to everyone around him, and the greater community the loss of our Zeffa was massive and devastation. I still cannot comprehend that a true gentleman like Rhys who had everything you would ever want could feel so safe inside and not be able to tell us.”

At writing time, funds on the Movember Foundation page have exceeded the $10,000 goal with a staggering $24,794 raised.

Although Zac Efron hasn’t yet responded to the letter, we’re sure that once he gets wind of the movement, he will continue to help funds grow.

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