Top 7 Must-See Funniest Videos Of Sassy Kids On YouTube

There are so many hilarious videos on YouTube, but they’re hiding from you. We’ve pulled the most laugh out loud-worthy clips on the web for your viewing pleasure. This batch just happens to feature an Internet favorite: adorable little kids. However, these cuties have an attitude that just makes us love them even more (and their videos that much funnier).
Check out the best videos of 2015 featuring sassy kids.

1. “I’m Movin’ On”

Sage defined #SassGoals when her mom taped her perfectly articulated rant about moving out (at all of 5 years old) after her brother threw dirt at her.

2. “I’m NOT A Princess”

Dad wants to call JoJo a princess, but this little lady has a long list of reasons she is definitely not one.

3. “No Thanks!”

One little girl realized that not all tricks are worth the treats and peaces out of there.

4. “Did You Eat A Cupcake?”

Jack isn’t all that sassy, but he sure is holding strong to his story. Despite the evidence, he did not eat a cupcake recently.

5. “Watch Me Whip”

These pee-wee football players would rather show off their moves than play defense in a video that will have you crying from laughing so hard.

6. “MMMM”

This toddler does not need to say a word to make it very clear that nap time is not going to happen without a debate.

7. “Yeah, I Love Him!”

Bath times becomes confession time when this little lady tries to tell her dad about her celebrity crush.

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