Science Says There Are Literally Zero Totally Straight Women

I know you, like, love your boyfriend, but guess what! If you have two X chromosomes, you’re a little bit gay. According to a new study, all females are either bisexual or gay…but “never straight.”
Finally, we have an explanation why almost every girl has kissed their bestie drunk while guys would rather have a finger cut off than show human emotion towards their bros.
Researchers at the University of Essex showed 345 women video clips and photos of naked people, both male and female, to see what turned the participants on. While women who classified themselves as lesbians were pretty much like IDGAF when it came to the sexy men, straight ladies were sexually attracted to both ladies and gentlemen.
To test this, they used the pledge season tactic of having participants sit on newspaper and see what got them wet. Just kidding. They measured responses like breathing rate and dilated pupils to see what got the ladies’ blood pumping and libido revving.
While I think it’s a stretch to say every single woman is bicurious, I’m not totally shocked – just knowing that there’s zero chance of having to give a bj is a turn on in itself.
Katy Perry was onto something after all.
i kissed a girl katy perry

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