LISTEN: One Direction Releases Brand New Song "History"

One Direction has released another single from their upcoming album, Made In The A.M., which is scheduled to drop next week on November 13. “History” is the third single released from the band since the departure of Zayn Malik and is sure to warm the hearts of Directioners all over. The song features clapping, acoustic guitars and a chorus of singing fans. Niall Horan tweeted today that the fans featured in the song are actual One Direction fans and is intended to sound like a live crowd singing with the band. You can view the tweet below.

Given that the band is set to go on hiatus next year, leaving the fans with a song that is “theirs” is certainly a lovely parting gift for those heartbroken Directioners. Liam Payne told Entertainment Weekly in an interview that “more than anything, the song is about the way the fans and everyone have created this massive thing – One Direction – over the past five years. Out of [“History”] comes a little bit of closure for this chapter of One Direction.” You can listen to “History” below via Spotify. [spotify id=”spotify:track:1Fp6l6zY6qrBg7NuvYgp8n” width=”300″ height=”380″ /] [Story via]