Warning: Your Favorite Foods Are Making You Ugly

As twenty-somethings, we often tend to think we’re invincible. We’re young! We’re hot! We’ll be able to fit into these dresses forever! Yet sadly, that’s not the case. At some point, we should probably start wondering what our weekly wine and pizza nights with the roomies are doing to our bodies. This latest study may make you think twice before reaching for that last slice of pizza. Naturopathic doctor and skincare specialist Nigma Talib, who treats celebrities such as Sienna Miller and Charlotte Tilbury, is convinced food and drinks have a direct and often instant impact on our faces, aka giving us ‘dairy face’, ‘wine face’, ‘sugar face’ and ‘gluten face.’ In other words, the things you eat and drink everyday are making you look like sh*t. Talib said, ‘A couple of glasses of wine can trigger fine lines around the mouth and eyes, and – if you are intolerant – a creamy sauce or a piece of cheese might trigger a spotty break-out or dark circles under the eyes.’ Fml.