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Tim Wolfe: Mizzou President Resigns Amid Protests On Campus Racism



Tim Wolfe, president of the University of Missouri, has stepped down following protests on campus that called for his resignation.

After spending Sunday meeting with officials, Tim Wolfe said he is resigning because it is “the right thing to do.” He said he hopes the university can use his resignation to heal.

Mizzou students and faculty were unhappy with how Wolfe and the university responded to a series of racist incidents that began in September.

The controversy began in September when Payton Head, the Students Association President, said he was called a “n****r” by a group of men in a pickup truck while on campus.

Most recently, a swastika drawn with human feces appeared on a college dorm’s brand new white wall.

Black graduate student Jonathan Butler, 25, started a hunger strike last week over the issue. The Mizzou football team and coach also refused to participate in team activities until Wolfe stepped down.

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