College Girls Simulated Sex On Stage To Win A Trip To Croatia


College-sponsored events are usually pretty tame — think root beer mixer or pizza party at the student center. Looks like things in England get a lot more raunchy.

People are furious over a student night at the University of Hull where college women took part in a sex show for the chance to win a vacation to Croatia. In it, contestants were given free drinks, then competed to see who could eat the most crackers. The events quickly turned more X-rated when contestants were encouraged to simulate sex on stage, take off their clothes, strip, and get into sexual positions.

Soo…more like Chippendales and a lot less like a student union night.

Videos and photos taken at the University of Hull’s nightclub, Asylum, allegedly show one of the young women in tears as the crowd yelled “slags” and the host shouted, “Cheer if you want to f*** this girl.”

The winner got a free trip in Croatia when she was the only contestant who agreed to strip. She was also pictured on stage waving her bra.

Anti-sexual violence group Rape Crisis have branded the event “exploitative” and “degrading” to young women.

See scandalous photos of the event below.

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