12 Vital Questions Every Disney Fan Needs Answered


Vital Questions Every Disney Fan Needs Answered

Last Christmas, I sat down with my sister and parents to watch Frozen. My parents had never seen the film that my sister and I vowed to watch every time it snowed (which was every other week, not that we minded in the least). Now, my parents aren’t the best to watch movies with, so I wasn’t surprised when my dad had an objection within the first 15 minutes.

“Why does Elsa have magical powers?”

Wait. He had a point. It makes absolutely no sense why Elsa can shoot icicles out of her palms.

As a kid, we watched Disney movies like we were supposed to. We suspended our disbelief and just took in whatever Walt & Co. wanted to give us.

As an adult, things got more complicated, for better or for worse. Instead of just enjoying a film, we had questions…and Disney gave us a lot of plot flaws that we couldn’t simply overlook.

Frozen isn’t the only movie that makes us ponder how such a huge point went unanswered. From The Little Mermaid to Tarzan, Disney forgot to tie up some loose ends.

Check out some of the questions Disney left unanswered below.

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