Prince George Is Predictably Going To Be A Major Heartthrob As He Grows Up

prince george waving

Getty Images

Prince George is the cutest toddler around, capturing our hearts with his little wave and knee-high socks. According to scientists at the University of Bradford, those cute looks aren’t fading as the royal grows up.
By gathering images of the prince and his close family members, they’ve tried to predict how George will look at ages 7, 20, 40 and 60 using computer software. The results? George will lose those chubby cheeks and resemble a mix of Bradley Cooper and Tom Brady…aka petty damn good. With the lovely Kate Middleton as his mom, are you even slightly surprised? Good genes run in the family.
Check out Prince George’s predicted evolution in the video below.
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Need a closer look? Here are the pictures from each age.

Forensic artists have also taken a stab at predicting how George’s little sis, Princess Charlotte, will look as she grows up. Check out those results by clicking the link below.

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