Who The Heck Is Samuel Krost, Selena Gomez's New Hand Holding Buddy?

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Over the past few months, Selena Gomez and Justin Bieber can’t stop talking about how great each other are. It’s slightly annoying, yet let’s be honest – Biebs and Selena were the Britney and Justin of the 2010s. Jelena-shippers predicted these stars were destined for each other, and we were all waiting for their next red carpet appearance together so we could all live out the dream Britney and Justin crushed.
Then this picture surfaced.

Yes, Selena was seen holding hands with Samuel Krost. After the ‘Glamour’ Women of the Year Awards in New York City, the two went out on the town together.
Your next question: Who?!
Question after that: Has someone checked on Justin?!
More recently, Sammy posted a pic with a group of friends including Selena snacking at the beach and the duo was spotted holding hands while leaving the SLS Hotel in Beverly Hills, California, where they are said to have had dinner together.
Apparently, Krost is besties with Gigi Hadid, but that’s about all he’s known for. According to his LinkedIn page, Krost is a sales and merchandising executive at Onia. Prior to that, he worked as a sales and merchandising assistant at Helmut Lang. However, that doesn’t stop him from hanging with some of Hollywood’s A-listers. In the past, the NYU has been photographed with Victoria’s Secret model Devon Windsor, Robin Williams, Kendall Jenner, Joe Jonas, and Selena Gomez, of course.
It really is all about who you know.
Check out pictures of Samuel Krost below.

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