The Voice: Meet The 5 Contestants On Team Pharrell Williams, Season 9

Pharrell Williams is a 42-year-old singer, songwriter, record producer, fashion designer, and rapper extraordinaire. If there’s one thing Pharrell has mastered, it’s music. From singing and producing soul, hip hop, and R&B music to drumming for N*E*R*D, there’s nothing this music prodigy can’t do. Pharrell has even racked up 10 Grammy awards.

Adding a new title to his music profession, Pharrell was signed as a coach for season seven of The Voice. In season eight of the reality show, one of his mentees (Sawyer Fredricks) won and was signed at the young age of 16. His teams have proven successful in seasons past, but how will this season’s team stack up? Nothing is certain, but the team has some promising talent. To learn more about Pharrell’s team members on season 9, see the pictures below.

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