WATCH: Missouri Protestors Get Violent With A Student Photographer & Refuse To Let Him Take Pictures During Their Public Protest

Tim Tai photographer bullies


On Monday, University of Missouri President Tim Wolfe resigned following protests over his response to race-related incidents on the school’s campus.
Following his resignation, students and professors staged public protests in an effort to continue the conversation about racial tension on campus. Unfortunately, they didn’t quite understand that staging a public protest might draw some attention from the media.
Student photographer Tim Tai went to the protest to document the event, but protestors refused to let him take photos. They surrounded him and bullied him, despite his right to take photos…outside…in public.
Sure, Mizzou loved the media coverage when they were trying to get Tim Wolfe fired and when the football team went on strike.
Here’s the kicker: Mizzou has the largest and oldest public college for journalism. Maybe they should know a thing or two about media coverage.


Watch the full video that further captures Communications professor Melissa Click harassing the videographer below.
Ironically, Professor Click was campaigning for the media to pick up the Mizzou story a few days ago…

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