Disney Princesses With Animal Allergies Prove That Disney Reimagining Has Gone Too Far

disney princess animal allergies

Walt Disney Studios. Andrew Richard / BuzzFeed

Artists, I think it’s officially time to end the Disney reimagining fad. Buzzfeed’s latest article featuring Disney princesses proves that we’re officially out of good ideas.
We’ve seen Jasmine, Belle, and the rest of our favorite characters as everything from pin-up girls to Hogwarts students. The people love it. It gives the artist exposure. It seems like a win-win. However, with everyone jumping on the Disney reimagining bandwagon, the illustrations are getting more and more bizarre.
Buzzfeed decided it would be fun to see what animal-loving Disney princesses would look like if they had allergies, snot coming out of their noses and all.
After you’ve properly digested your lunch, take a look at the most bizarre Disney reimagining yet.

This might be worse than when someone thought it would be a good idea to cash in on Jurassic World and reimagine Disney’s leading ladies as dinosaurs. (Yes, this seriously happened).

Until someone decides to draw Disney characters as drag queens or Lady Gaga or something interesting, I’ll be elsewhere on the web.
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