Ed Sheeran Gets The American College Experience When He Parties At Duke

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Brian Rasic/Getty Images

Malia Obama isn’t the only one playing beer pong (although this celeb is far less scandalous).

Ed Sheeran might be an international star, but that doesn’t mean he can’t indulge in an American pastime: beer pong. The singer partied at Duke University on Tuesday with his rumored girlfriend Cherry Seaborn and friends. Sheeran recorded a game of beer pong on his Snapchat. From the looks of Twitter, he headed to UNC Wednesday (wearing a Duke sweatshirt).


Given that Sheeran dropped out of school at 16, he deserves a real American college experience!

Check out the video of Ed Sheeran learning the ropes and sinking some shots below.

Spoiler alert: he lost. Better luck next time, Ed…and watch those elbows.

Students in North Carolina were pretty shocked, and rightfully so, to find out Ed Sheeran was in town.


So if Ed Sheeran is scheduled to perform at your school, don’t hesitate to invite him to the frat house later. With a little more practice, he’ll be running the beer pong table all night.

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