Cheapest Dude Ever Asks His Date For A Refund When She Isn’t Down For A Second Date

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Dating is hard. You stress about what to wear, where to go, and keeping conversation flowing, and it’s usually a huge waste of time. Londoner Lauren Crouch, 28, documents her good and bad dating experiences alike on her blog No Bad Dates, Just Good Stories, but a recent post of a dating fail is making its way around the Internet.

After talking to a guy she met on Tinder, they decided to meet up. He choose a chain coffee spot (red flag #1) on their first encounter, which lasted a whopping half hour because he said he was expecting a delivery (red flag #2), but he invited her to come back to his place (red flag #3). She declined, and they parted ways.

Despite its short length and uninspired location, Lauren said the date wasn’t so tragic.

“He was very intelligent and was well spoken and carried himself well,” she told Buzzfeed. “We were having good, mature conversation.”

However, Lauren decided it wasn’t meant to be, and let her suitor know when he texted her later that night.

lauren crouch coffee date fail

He tried to convince her to change her mind in following texts, but Lauren said it just wasn’t going to work.

Then this came.

coffee date fail text

Wowza. If the dude can’t part with $5 for coffee,

While most girls would block his number for life, Lauren came back with a brilliant response.

coffee date fail

Snaps to you, Lauren.

You’d think he’d shut up after that, but nope. He responded again.

coffee date fail

IMO, Lauren definitely made the right move by letting him go.

Good luck in the dating world, girl. It gets better, but until it does, we’ll enjoy reading about your mishaps.

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