10 "Just Because" Gift Ideas For Guys (That Are The Equivalent Of Getting A Girl Flowers)

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Listen up, guys. If you want a never-fail way to make a girl smile, get her flowers. Sure, this little “just because” gift will be dead within a week, but flowers are an easy, quick way to remind your lady that she’s special.
But when us ladies want to get a gift for a guy after he’s been feeling sick, when we haven’t seen him in a while, or just because, he’s probably not going to appreciate a plant.
The next time you want to get your man a “just thinking of you” present, check out these ideas that will make him smile.

1. Pizza

Show up to his place with a pizza in hand, and he’s yours forever.

2. A Surprise Date

Text him “I made reservations at your favorite restaurant. Picking you up at 7 =).”

3. Craft Beer

If your guy’s a drinker, he’ll definitely kicking back with a six-pack of something classier than Coors Light for once.

4. Sports Merchandise

Get your guy a little reminder of his favorite team like a hat or keychain bottle opener, especially when he’s still reeling from last weekend’s loss.

5. Home-Cooked Meal

A break from takeout and the dining hall? He’ll be in debt to you for weeks.

6. Music

Mixed tapes are outdated, but you’ll get the same effect by putting together a Spotify playlist titled “Thought you might like these!” and sharing it with him.

7. Baked Goods

Do your best Betty Crocker impression and whip up cookies, muffins, or something else your guy isn’t expecting.

8. Something Personal

Maybe your guy can’t live without his gum or loves puzzles. Next time you see something he’ll like, just pick it up.

9. His Favorite Candy

He probably treats himself rarely, but surprise him with his favorite chocolate or some Skittles and he’ll happily down it all.

10. A Blow Job

This is always welcomed.

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