12 Ways To Prepare For Black Friday

Sure, we all know Thanksgiving is right around the corner. With all the buzz about turkey this and cranberry that, it’s sometimes easy to forget that another holiday is also right around the corner. No, not Christmas — I’m talking about Black Friday. Black Friday’s name originated because retailers used to be “in the red” (meaning operating at a financial loss) from the months January to November, but found themselves “in the black” (operating at a profit) starting every Friday subsequent to Thanksgiving. This avid shopper’s favorite holiday is rapidly approaching, but are you ready? Black Friday has a reputation of sparking a pandemonium of hysteria that you definitely don’t want to be a part of. To ensure you have the smoothest day of spending, consider the following 12 ways to prepare.

1. Budget

Begin setting aside some money now so you don’t feel guilty splurging later.

2. Clean Out Your Closet

Determine what essentials you actually need first and then figure out what other items you would like.

3. Get An App

If you download an app like Black Friday 2015 Ads App, you can find the best deals from anywhere on the go.

4. Compare Prices

If apps aren’t your thing, grab some newspapers Thanksgiving morning and figure out who has the best deals.

5. Strategize

Find out which stores are likely to sell out of what you want, and hit them first.

6. Enjoy Thanksgiving

Unless absolutely necessary, don’t begin the Black Friday festivities Thanksgiving night. Spend that time with your family and loved ones.

7. Set Two Alarms

Get up early. Trust me, it’s worth it. Set one on an alarm clock and one on your phone. No snooze buttons allowed!

8. Caffeinate

Make sure you are awake enough to safely drive.

9. Bring A Friend

A friend can give honest opinions about if that deal is really worth it. Plus, who doesn’t like a shopping buddy?

10. Think Presents

With Christmas, Chanukah, and other holidays around the corner, consider buying gifts during your Black Friday outing. There’s a good chance they are only going to get more expensive the longer you wait.

11. Don’t Be A Compulsive Buyer

While this is a day to splurge, don’t buy something just for the sake of it being on sale. You don’t want to end up with buyer’s remorse.

12. Relax

After shopping, come home and take a nap on those new sheets you bought. Dream of all the money you just saved.

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