Drunk UGA Student Falls Nine Stories, Shakes It Off And Walks Home

A drunk University of Georgia student jumped (or fell?) from a ninth floor window of Russell Hall Sunday morning and not only survived, but got up and walked away as if he had just tripped. Literally got up and walked, wtf.
Now I’m not the greatest when it comes to numbers, but nine floors isn’t exactly a small feat; in fact, it’s a lot of feet. Yet not only did this dude walk away, he went back to his dorm room to sleep. It wasn’t until his friends encouraged him to go to the hospital that he went. So what injuries did he sustain? Just a broken vertebrae. No internal bleeding, head injuries, etc. It’s a miracle! 
According to The Red & Black, “It appears that alcohol consumption on the part of the injured party may have played a role in this incident,” according to the statement. “It should also be noted that this is the second documented incident involving the injured party.”
So was this the second time he took to the skies after downing some brewskis? Unfortunately, the article doesn’t go into that detail. Regardless, it spawned some awesome tweets like this one:

“To the white boy that jumped off the 9th story window in Russell and lived: You lit.”

— janki. (@ThaJanksta)

Whatever the hell “lit” means, I will never know. I’ll also never know how you get so drunk that you feel the need to jump out of a window, but I guess some things in life aren’t meant to be answered.

Don’t try this at home, kids.

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