Feast Your Eyes On Ryan Lochte's Abs In New Official Rio Olympics Photos

ryan lochte rio olympics official photos

Harry How/Getty Images

I’m not a big swimmer. To me, exercise is hard enough without sticking your face where you can’t breathe. That doesn’t stop me from being Team USA’s biggest swim fan every four years when the Olympics rolls around. What can I say? I like winning…and I really like Ryan Lochte in a very small speedo.
As long as the boy isn’t trying to make “Jeah!” happen…maybe if he just keeps his mouth shut all together…his attractiveness will have anyone waving the American flag.
Lochte is gearing up for the 2016 Summer Olympics in Rio, Brazil, but he took a break from the pool to pose for his official portraits in Los Angeles. Let’s just say your Tuesday just got a lotĀ hotter.

With any luck, E! will give Ryan’s reality show another go after he takes home some gold medals next summer.

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