Twitter Might Be Replacing Those Awful Hearts For “Likes” With This Feature They Accidentally Revealed

twitter changes favorites to likes


A dark shadow was cast over Twitter the day they replaced “favorites” with “likes” and a corresponding heart. To all of you tweeters who sorely miss that little star to give your friends props for their witty musings under 140 characters, you’re in luck. Twitter might have accidentally revealed a new feature that lets users choose an emoji to react to a tweet.

Twitter user _Ninji stumbled upon a new feature totally by accident. It appeared that instead of a star, he could choose from a range of emoji including the ever-popular hearts for eyes face, crying face, the 100, and the party popper.

Luckily, he grabbed a few screenshots to prove to the world what he saw.

I can't believe they're finally letting me 💯 tweets
(The best part is that it's not even a joke, I just found this…)

— Ninji (@_Ninji) November 16, 2015

When The Verge reached out to Twitter for comment, they pulled the ol’ 2015 Word of the Year tactic and responded with a singular emoji.

We’ll take that as a “guilty.”

Stay tuned for Twitter’s new update!

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