Belle Thorne Claims There’s A Real-Life Regina George In Hollywood – Who Is The Mean Girl?

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Hollywood High School is now in session.

You’ve got your jocks led by Channing Tatum and David Beckham at one table, the Olson twins sitting with the indie kids, and the mean girls across the cafeteria. Bella Thorne, 18, isn’t sitting with The Plastics of Hollywood – she’s staying far, far away.

In an interview accompanying her new Seventeen magazine cover, Thorne reveals there’s a not so nice lady “in the business.”

Someone in Hollywood isn’t nice? Shocker.

“I have a mean girl,” Bella Thorne toldĀ Seventeen. “She’s in the business, and she’s very, very mean. I stay away from her at all costs. I never say hello to her. Her siblings are not mean like she is. It’s just her. One of the reasons I don’t like her is because she’s been a billionaire since she was very little, and she’s never had to work for anything in her life.”

Hmm…rich and has siblings?

Going off these clues, the Internet has run wild with speculation.

Folks have nominated the Cyruses, the Kardashians, the Peltzes, and the Hadids, but don’t talk smack about those Jenner girls.

@PerezHilton I adore the Jenner girls especially @KylieJenner

— BITCHIMBELLATHORNE (@bellathorne) November 17, 2015

Any guesses?

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