Here Are The Results When People Let A Tattoo Artist Give Them Mystery Ink

scott campbell tattoos whole glory

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I haven’t thought about getting a tattoo since I was 13 years old and thought it was rebellious. While I adore others’ inked artwork, I get bored with decorations and jewelry so easily that I would grow bored with my tat within a few years and regret it. Maybe I’d consider some ink if I knew it was a symbol that meant a lot to be and always would, but it would consider a lot of time and thought.

Meanwhile, there are people who are willing to let a stranger tattoo them with whatever design he feels like.

Seriously. This happened.

Famous tattoo artist Scott Campbell recently conducted an experiment called “Whole Glory” where he would give tattoos for free, but with the huge catch that the participant wouldn’t get to discuss or see the art until it was completed.

Pretty much, those who volunteered as tribute stuck their arm through a wall and let Campbell work his magic. There’s no discussion. No choice in the matter. Just a permanent tat.

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It sounds like cruel torture to me, but there were tons of willing participants.

Here are the results from the 23 lucky (?) lottery winners, which Campbell shared on his Instagram, each with the caption “Thank you for your confidence.”

Whether you love your tattoo or kind of hate it, at least you have a cool conversation starter for the rest of your life!


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