WATCH: Katniss & Hermione Face Off In A Rap Battle Of The Books Turned Movies

katniss hermione princess rap battle
They both starred in YA books turned movies. They both have two guy besties. And they can both rap?
Katniss of Team Hunger Games and Hermione of Team Harry Potter are dissing each other hard in the latest installment of Princess Rap Battle, just in time for Mockingjay: Part 2 to hit theaters tomorrow.

Comedian Whitney Avalon has already brought up match-ups between Cinderella and Belle, Mrs. Claus and Mary Poppins, and Snow White and Elsa, but this might be the fiercest. Like, I’m aware Katniss (play by Avalon) and Hermione (brought to life by Molly C. Quinn) are fictional characters, but if you don’t cringe when Hermione throws Rue’s death in the Mockingjay’s face, you have no heart.
Don’t worry, Team Hunger Games – the “Girl on Fire” has a few burns of her own, including a harsh comment about Ron’s wand (wink wink) and H’s sidekick status.
Watch the epic rap battle below.

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