Ridiculously Dedicated College Student Takes Psych Exam At Hospital While In Labor

gives birth taking exam


Sorry, college students. You officially have no right to complain about your exams this semester. Zero right.
Unless you’re taking the exam from the hospital as you prepare to give birth, and even then Tommitrise Collins, 21, would roll her eyes as you try to email your professor with an excuse.
The Middle Georgia State University student didn’t let being in labor stop her from completing a psychology exam from her hospital bed. That has got to be worth some extra credit if you ask me.
Her sister Shanell Brinkley-Chapman uploaded this photo to Facebook with the caption, “This is what you call “Strong Priorities.” Contractions 3 minutes apart and still takes her Psychology Test! You are going to be a great Mom baby sis!”
Tommitrise Collins


Collins completed the two-hour exam in about an hour and a half while battling contractions – that’s Super Woman right there.
After 20 hours of labor, Collins delivered a healthy baby girl, Tyler Elise. (No word on her exam score, though.)

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