Drop Everything You're Doing: Oreo Churros Are Here

Cookie Dough Oreos. Birthday Cake Oreos. Even Reese’s Cups Oreos. Just when we thought the awesome inventors behind funky flavored Oreos had done it all, they’re back and they’re here to blow our minds once again. We’re now talking about Oreo CHURROS.
That’s right. Feast your eyes – these Oreo churros are now available at a freezer isle near you. According to a press release, “With a crispy exterior, warm soft interior and real OREO® cookie pieces in every bite, new OREO® churros have a “just-baked” OREO® cookie taste.”
Yeah. We’ll take twenty.
Oreo Churros
Each stick is 10 inches long, stuffed with Oreo cream filling, coated in a little bit of sugar, and belonged in our mouths like yesterday. They even come in a variety of versions – traditional, double-twisted, and bite sized. Unsure what all of that even means, but sounds like we’ll be needing to try every form because obviously. Some things are just too good to be true.

[Story via Cosmopolitan]

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