It’s Your Charitable Duty To Purchase This Naked Calendar Of Hot College Rowers

Warwick Rowers calendar 2016 photos

Warwick Rowers

What if I told you there was a way to donate to a charity, support a great cause, and you got to feast your eyes on hot, naked men all year long?

There’s a way, people. There’s a way.

The very attractive rowing team from the University of Warwick in England has released the pictures from their annual calendar, where they pose nude. The calendars raise money to fight against homophobia in sports through Sport Allies and to fund their rowing club.

Since they started making the calendars in 2009, the fundraiser has gained more than $458,000 for the charity. While it’s pretty popular with the gay crowd, I think we can all find some pleasure in these hot pictures.

Looking at these guys is the same thing as charity – isn’t that way better than picking up trash on the side of the road?

Check out the 2016 Calendar photos below, and just remember they all have accents which ups their hottie factor even higher.

Have a heart. Buy this nudie calendar.

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