All Of Miley Cyrus’ Wildest Dead Petz Tour Outfits, From A Stick Of Butter To A Big Baby

miley cyrus

Tasos Katopodis/Getty Images

If you thought Miley Cyrus’ fashion couldn’t get weirder than when she hosted the VMAs this year, think again.

Miley Cyrus hit Chicago with The Flaming Lips to play the first gig on her new Dead Petz tour, and her outfits were all kinds of crazy. Her numerous outfit changes included her dressing as a stick of butter, a disco astronaut, and some things we can’t even put into words.

Rolling Stone¬†described¬†the show as “one of the most fantastically strange in recent memory,” but what else would you expect from Miley? She ain’t no Disney Channel girl anymore.

Not planning on buying a ticket to the show? You should still check Miley’s wild costumes from the Dead Petz tour below.

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