How Corey Bohan Proposed to Audrina Patridge This Weekend

Friday night ‘Hills‘ star Audrina Patridge, 30, got engaged to Corey Bohan, professional BMX rider), and the story of how it happened is absolutely adorable.
It’s cute stories like this that the world needs to hear from time to time, especially when it seems like all of Hollywood is intended on killing love completely.
Apparently, Brohan had asked Audrina’s father three weeks ago for his approval which, obviously, he got.
The couple went out to dinner Friday night at the Summit House in Orange County, California, where Audrina’s family also was hiding.
In an exclusive interview with People magazine, Patridge said, “When Corey found out he told my brother what his plan was and they sat in the dining area so I wouldn’t see the. Corey pulled it off pretty well. Although I noticed he didn’t really eat dinner.”
So how did the actual proposal go down?
“When dessert time came he ordered cheesecake and the waiter brought it out on a platter with a beautiful silver cover,” Patridge explained. “I noticed all the waitresses gathering with phones and thought, What is going on! Then all of a sudden the waiter lifted the silver cover and I saw the ring in a box with white rose petals on the plate. Then Corey dropped to his knee and said, ‘We have been together for many years now and I love you more than anything. I want to spend the rest of my life with you – will you marry me?’ I was in shock and kind of didn’t even hear him but I said yes!”
After she said yes, her family joined the couple – who had been dating on and off since 2008 – for a champagne toast.
Patridge shared a picture of the stunning engagement ring on her blog, which Bohan had custom made in Australia.

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