California & Oregon Just Made A Major Move When It Comes To Birth Control Pills

birth control pill


Getting birth control just became easier than ever for women in California and Oregon. These states have just passed laws that will allow pharmacists to prescribe birth control pills without a doctor.
This is a huge win for women, as getting the pill from a pharmacist will save both time and money because they won’t have to visit a doctor to get a prescription. According to the New York Times, “Pharmacists will be authorized to prescribe contraceptives after a quick screening process in which women fill out a questionnaire about their health and medical histories,” and “contraceptives will be covered by insurance.”
“I feel strongly that this is what’s best for women’s health in the 21st century, and I also feel it will have repercussions for decreasing poverty because one of the key things for women in poverty is unintended pregnancy,” said State Representative Knute Buehler, a Republican who sponsored Oregon’s law.
About half of the 6.6 million pregnancies annually in the United States are unintended, but easy access to the pill could be a helpful factor in getting that number down.
Of course, you still have to be on the look out for negative side effects of the pill and see a doctor if you recognize any problems.
Snaps to you, California and Oregon. Let’s hope other states follow your lead!

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