Nickelodeon Is Finally Giving Us The Scoop On Arnold's Parents From 'Hey Arnold!'

Any 90s kid knows that one of the greatest unsolved mysteries has nothing to do with aliens or hidden treasure. The only question we need answered is “What happened to Arnold’s parents?”
After over a decade off the air, dedicated Hey Arnold! fans might just get their answer.
According to Variety, Nickelodeon is developing a Hey Arnold! TV movie that will pick up where the series left off in 2004 and finally reveal the fate of Arnold’s absent parents.
We all know Arnold lived in a boarding house full of crazy characters and his equally-interesting grandparents, Grandpa Phil and Grandma Gertie. Although one episode did give a little background, with Phil telling Arnold his father was a scientist who met Arnold’s mother while trying to find a cure for a disease in Central America and then the couple traveled around the world, the story was never finished. It ended with the couple leaving Arnold to help with an illness in another foreign country, but Grandpa Phil says they never came back and were never heard from again.
Of course we need to know what really happened to Arnold’s parents, but hopefully this TV movie will answer other Hey Arnold! mysteries like…
Why is Arnold’s head shaped like a football?
Will he ever return Helga’s affections?
What is Arnold’s last name?
Does Stoop Kid ever leave his stoop?!
We’ll have to watch and find out.
Variety also reports that this is just the beginning of Nickelodeon’s revivals of old series. While nothing besides the Hey Arnold! movie has been announced yet, keep your fingers crossed for an update on The Wild Thornberries and a high school series of As Told By Ginger. (One can dream.)

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