You're Doing The Selfie Game All Wrong, According To Science

Before judging yourself for reading this, let’s all just agree that we care about taking the perfect selfie. In fact, we would be lying if six seconds after posting it, we aren’t having a straight-up panic attack.
Now that we’ve cleared the air, let’s get down to business, shall we?
Good samaritan and Stanford PhD student, Andrej Karpathy figured out what exactly constitutes the perfect selfie. Because let’s be real, when you’re going to one of the top Ivy League schools in the country, what else would you rather be doing?
Basically, Karpathy trained an artificial intelligence system, which searched the hashtag #selfie *insert eye roll* and judged 2 million photos based on the number of followers to the number of likes. They were then separated into “good” and “bad” based on this super science-y formula.
Since I know you’re dying to know the results and most likely already scrolled passed what I wrote to get to the “good stuff” if you will, here they are. (Which are pretty damn basic, tbh).

  • Have long, flowy hair. Particularly past your shoulders.
  • Don’t post selfies with your drunk, duck-faced friends.
  • Or with a dude. Literally, any pic with your bf or lover or Tinder date or dad or whoever does exponentially worse. Sorry fellas.
  • Add a border.
  • Center yourself. That sunset might be beautiful in the background, but block most of it so people focus on one thing. Remember, people are dumb; after all, we needed a Stanford brainiac to conduct this totally necessary study. Seriously, though, it’s called “Rule of Thirds.” Google it sometime.

So there you have it. Put a smile on, post a selfie with your lame face, and watch your likes (and confidence) go up. Because sadly, that’s what our society has come to. #blessed
[via Tech Insider]

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