The Kid Who Voiced 'Hey Arnold' Is Now An Insanely Hot Lumbersexual

hey arnold


Nickelodeon execs just announced that they’re working on a TV movie of every 90s kid’s favorite, Hey Arnold! As if that wasn’t exciting enough, some genius thought to look up where Arnold’s voice actor is up to today…and boy, are we glad they did.
For the first 41 episodes of the cartoon, the football head was voiced by a young guy named Toran Caudell who now goes by the name Lane Toran, who just happens to be an uber-hot lumbersexual.
See for yourself:

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Like…wow, right?
According to IMDb, he’s an actor and composer who has also voiced characters in Disney’s Recess movies as well as Nickelodeon’s Rocket Power and Jimmy Neutron show. He’s also appeared on TV shows you may know like 7th Heaven and Malcolm in the Middle.
Let’s hope the TV movie is live-action, set in the future, and Lane Toran gets to reprise his role. Now that’s a movie I’d pay to see.
Check out more photos of the hottie below.

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