10 Reasons Why Going Somewhere New For Thanksgiving Is The Best

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When Thanksgiving comes around, food, family, and gratitude are undoubtedly some of the first things many American will think of. It has become an expectation to go home for the holidays, in particular for college students who have moved away from home.
Jamie Auld wrote a great article on why going home for Thanksgiving is the best, but this article is here to tell you the opposite. Sure, it can be wonderful to reconnect with family after months apart and to experience a much loved family tradition, but college is about having new experiences and gaining your independence. Family will always be there for you, so here are 10 reasons why going somewhere new for Thanksgiving is the best.

1. Going to a new city or state

Take advantage of how diverse every state is in the US and travel! Take the time to travel to cities and states that you had always wanted to go to but could never convince your parents to take you. Ask friends and use the internet to help you decide where to go – the US is your oyster!

2. Meeting new people

Whether you’re traveling to a friend’s house or traveling solo, you are bound to meet new people. This is a great way to expand your network and connect with people that may turn into lifelong friends or, at the very least, a contact in a new place.

3. Trying new food

Food is amazing and new food that you’ve never tried before is even more amazing! Going somewhere new allows you to try out the local cuisine and sample goods that may be hard to get back at home. As delicious as your mom’s pumpkin pie is, nothing beats tasting new and unique food.

4. Experiencing a different season

If you’ve always lived somewhere warm, you may ache for a white Thanksgiving. And if you’ve lived somewhere cold your whole life, you may want to spend your Thanksgiving lying by the beach. There’s nothing stopping you, so why not use this time to experience a new season?

5. Taking advantage of fun events

Because everyone knows that all the fun parades happen during Thanksgiving. Just think of the Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade in New York City, the Turkey Night Grand Prix in Los Angeles or the Thanks-Giving Square in Dallas, Texas. If you’ve always wanted to go and see them in person, then go do it!

6. To challenge yourself

Sometimes it’s just easier to do the same old thing year after year. And it’s understandable why – it’s safe, it’s easy and it’s familiar. This year, challenge yourself by traveling somewhere new alone or experiencing Thanksgiving with a friend and their family.

7. No arguments

As much as we all love our family, there can be some crazy arguments when you get that many family members under the same roof. Skip out on the arguments for a year and you’ll be guaranteed to appreciate your family so much more, arguments or no arguments.

8. Staying in a hotel

When going somewhere new, it isn’t guaranteed you will be in a hotel, especially if you stay with friends, but it can be fun to travel to a new city and stay in a hotel for a few days. Think about it – no need to clean your room, room service, your own space, and did we mention room service?

9. Friend time

If you and a few friends decide to travel somewhere new together, it can be a great time to bond away from the stresses and pressures of school. You will get to know them better than you thought possible and it will give you both an amazing experience you can share with others.

10. The cool stories

And last but not least, going somewhere new will give you such cool stories that you can tell again and again. Like remember that time when Ashley got to swim with dolphins? Wouldn’t have happened if you hadn’t challenged yourself to travel and try something new.

Story by Alice Williams

Check out her site here.

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