50 Things Girls Are Really Thankful For This Thanksgiving (But Probably Shouldn't Share At The Dinner Table)

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At Thanksgiving, many families go around the table and everyone says what they’re grateful for. The answers are rarely juicy or unique.
“Our wonderful family.”
“This delicious food!”
“My education.”
“I’m thankful that we’re all here together.”
*Your little cousin reads a 16 word “essay” she wrote about the Pilgrims and indians*
Yes, we’re thankful for friends and family and good health and all those important things, but the little things that get us through the day shouldn’t be forgotten about. (Just maybe say something more substantial when you go around the dinner table or Grandma might have a heart attack.)
1. Pizza places that deliver at 3 a.m.
2. Leggings
3. Justin Bieber‘s comeback
4. Netflix
5. Boxed wine
6. The female Viagra
7. Friends reruns
8. Instagram filters
9. Shonda Rhimes
10. When Starbucks get your order (and name) just right
11. Guys over 6 feet tall
12. The “block” option on Tinder
13. “Hey Girl” Ryan Gosling memes
14. Spanx
15. The dancing twins emoji
16. And the new unicorn emoji
17. Actually…all emoji
18. Friends with prescriptions for Adderall
19. That they’re making Pitch Perfect 3
20. Pinterest
21. YouTube makeup tutorials
22. That feeling when you take your bra off at the end of the day
23. Screenshot notifications on Snapchat
24. Selfie sticks
25. Dry shampoo

26. Wikipedia
27. Red Bull
28. Coffee
29. Caffeine in general
30. Friends who took your class last semester
31. When Mom offers to do your laundry while you’re home
32. TimeHop memories
33. That bar that lets you dance on the tables
34. The DD Perks App
35. Bottomless Brunch (aka an excuse to get wasted at 11 a.m.)
36. That email saying class is canceled
37. The snooze button
38. Bouncers who don’t call you out on your fake ID
39. Your new besties you met in bathroom line
40. Oversized sweatshirts
41. That we don’t have to use T9 to text anymore
42. Happy hour making it acceptable to drink any day of the week
43. Flasks for low-key drinking that can fit in your boot
44. Friends who took your class last semester
45. Puppy videos
46. Public Wi-Fi
47. Weekends when your roommate goes home
48. Plan B
49. When there’s no line at Chipotle
50. That now that Thanksgiving is here, you can finally listen to Christmas music without shame

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Katy Perry's H&M Holiday Campaign Stole From Taylor Swift
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