6 'Friends' Fashion Trends That We’re Obsessed With Now

friends fashion trends

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Ever since Friends hit Netflix last January, people who weren’t even born when the show debuted have been marathoning through the entire series. I’ll admit, I’m guilty too. But while everyone else is discovering new styles, I’m reminiscing (still proud of the fact that I was the first girl at my high school with the Rachel haircut!) and realizing how many of those 90s styles are currently making a comeback.

From crop tops to mom jeans, we’re seeing that history really does repeat itself. Let’s just hope the Rachel haircut stays where it belongs: in 1995.
Here are six Friends fashions—mostly worn by Rachel Green—that are unapologetically cool again (or should be soon).

What Friends fashion are you bringing back?

Story by Kelly Rae Smith

Kelly Rae Smith writes about thrifting and vintage fashion for eBay, where you can find an endless number of looks to recreate your own favorite 90s sitcom styles and other pop culture fashion inspirations.

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