Anne Hathaway Is Expecting Her First Child

Today, it was reported that Oscar-winning actress Anne Hathaway is expecting her first child with her husband, 34-year-old Adam Shulman. The two were married in September 2012 and have been planning their family ever since.
A source tells E! News that Hathaway is in her second trimester and is “feeling great.” The actress has yet to confirm the baby news personally, but she has been photographed with what the media is calling a baby bump.
It seems that Anne Hathway will be a great mother as demonstrated in her interview with The Telegraph. She said, “I’d like to have as many [kids[ as I can afford, not just financially but in terms of time because you want to make sure each one feels special.”
Isn’t that sweet?
Additionally, becoming a mother has been something on Hathaway’s mind since she was a teenager. In another interview, she revealed that she’s wanted to be a mom since she was 16. The only reason she did not become a young mother is because “[she] also wanted to have a career.”
She also states that she also “needed a baby daddy – which [she] now has.” You know, as baby-making generally goes.
Congratulations, Anne!

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