10 Break-Up Songs About Celebrities

Yes, yes, there are more musicians out there who are writing about their exs than Taylor Swift (although, she did make this list). If there anything we can learn from Us Weekly magazine, it’s that celebrity are just like us. They get through break-ups just like the rest of us, but instead of moving on and forgetting about the relationship as much as possible like us, they immortalize it in song.

Unlike us, they put it into a really good song. We still can’t figure out how to play more than four chords on the guitar.

While listening, you recognize that the song content has to deal with breaking up, but perhaps you’re too lazy to figure out who it’s about. I don’t blame you – that’s a lot of research to do. Lucky for you, I sat down and compiled a list of break-up songs written about other celebrities. No longer do you have to listen and wonder!

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